Hi to everyone who stays true! I present my first attempt at FULL song in "Death-ish" style. I was influenced by such albums :"Symbolic" and "Sound Of Perseverance". It's my favourite albums in Death's discography, so..check it out!
It's my little tribute to Genius...R.I.P. Chuck

Crit it please!
C4C as always...

P.S. I do hope that fans of Richard Christy will like the drums
01-Meaningless Mind.gp4
I don't like the intro very much, but I see the death influence, it's just some of the notes just don't seem right. Verse seems about right, I enjoy it. The chorus is just awesome. The bridges seem like something straight out of a death song. Riff C is badass. Acoustic bridge was inspired by Voice of the Soul I assume, with the fading in guitars and acoustic part. Prechorus is awesome, but it feels a bit empty, but maybe that's because Guitar Pro's palm muting is horribad. Outro needs a solo over it, and maybe a different riff. Last measure was ??? for the drums. Just didn't need the sixteenth notes in my opinion.

EDIT: R.I.P. Chuck indeed.
Thanx man. I'm very appreciated for your opinion. I'll keep writing more "Death-ish" stuff

P.S. An acoustic interlude was inspired by "Crystal Mountain" (chord progression)
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Well the way it sounded seemed a bit more like Voice of the Soul to me, but oh well, haha.
I don't listen to Death but I guess I should after hearing this. It's awesome dude, keep it up. (Y)

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Thanx, I'm staying true)) You MUST listen to "Symbolic" (1995) and "Sound Of Perseverance" (1998)
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Man I really like this song. I definetly enjoyed the verse riff and the fast bridges. Don't like the chorus, but thats only because I don't like that kind of riffs so basicly just ignore it. Well done.
Uh.. I liked your second piece more than this. Intro has awesome bass line, but guitar melody isn't that charming. High notes sounds like terrifying at bars 3-4.
You have very nice bass line at verse and pre-chorus and nice guitar riffs. I liked your chorus. Nice bridge. Melodic bridge is my favourite part in this song. Fast bridge is nice, but it really didn't fit it's part for my taste. I liked "both guitars" part. Nice acoustic interlude. Calm. Didn't really mind about the solo. It was short and ok.