No, not if your guitar is routed for passives. If it has actives though, then it'd look... quite odd.
Depends on the guiter, I put one of those(invader7) and a invader+7(not ava. anymore) in my epiphone 7-string V with no hassle. They look just fine too, that picture makes the dimensions look a little off. Of course I did mine back in 05' but I doubt they've changed much on the outside.

btw: They sound fscking awesome.
They'll work fine. The pickups in that guitar are direct mounted, which means they're actually bolted to the wood. They're standard size 7 string pickups other than that, so all you need to do is get rid of the rings that come with the pickups and you'll be set. My friend has the same guitar, and he's wiring in standard size 7 string pickups as soon as he can afford them.
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They should work fine, just without the square bezel around them. Sweet guitar.
they shoild work but i think u should get something else. i recommend a set of Dimarzio D-Activator 7 or an Airt Norton 7 in neck and D-Sonic in bridge.