Hey guys, me and a friend where having an argument about wich one came first, the BC Rich Stealth, or the Jackson Warrior as we where talking about X-shaped guitar.

Could anyone help me with it as i cant find anything on it
The Jackson Warrior was first released in 1990. I can't find when the BC Rich Stealth was first released, but I do know that Charvel were making X-shaped guitars as early as 1983

EDIT: Wikipedia says Rick Derringer designed the Stealth in 1983.

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Julian, it is a Barton core (not mobile) with a Coolermaster Aluminium heatsink fitted with a 120mm fan at the moment. I've been looking for a Superflower for ages, but not found one yet. I'll underclock and undervolt it and see what happens. At the moment, Solaris 10 is installed, but it doesn't recognise my network card, so Fedora may be going on soon.

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