Something I came up with while messing around with some odd tuning.
Alta Vera - My real life alternative rock band.
Ashen Spire - My personal metal band.

Super Mario, F-Zero & Dragonball Z covers!

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Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

Well, you should try to write a solo. Other than the big space of emptiness, this song is definitely beautiful. There's nothing wrong with it that I can find, the piano flows perfectly with the acoustic guitar. It's just... wow.
the guy above speaks troothz. Also, I found the piano part to be a bit boring...as a piano player myself, I like to be playing different chords, patterns, rhythms, etc. I was hoping the song would evolve more, perhaps resolving into an anthem or theme. If you were to throw in some more epic chord progressions, as well as finishing up that solo, it should sound perfect.

8/10, cuz its not finished and it could have gone places. sounds sweet!
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