So as tomorrow is Christmas I will be getting my new pickup, the Dimarzio X2N.

I am going to try and install this myself but I have no idea how. It will be going into the bridge position of my Gibson Flying V.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Also will the Tune o Matic bridge have to be set up in any way after I remove it? Or can I just put it straight back on?

Thanks, Daniel.
step 1, remove strings. (or slacken them so much so that you can lift the pickup out/in)

step 2, remove the old pickup, open pickguard, control cavity.

step 3, work out what wire does what! (im sure its got four, you probably dont want to coil-tap so yeah)

step 4, solder the correct wires to the correct places.

step 4.5, if your unsure, head the the ultimate wireing thread)

step 5, put some new strings on, put your pickguard/control cavity cover back on.

step 6, PROFIT?!?!?
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Thanks man. So just basically look what wires go where on the old pickup and do the same with the new?
You know how to solder right? Or at least how it works? If not, you need a solder gun and some solder. It should come with a wiring diagram. Follow that for whichever wiring scheme you have now (like if you have 1 tone, 1 volume, use the 1 tone, 1 volume scheme).
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Yeah I have a soldering iron and some solder. I'm just a bit worried about having to re-set up the bridge after.
Im sure what really confuses you is the actual installation of the pickup. What I would do is disconnect the old wires and re-solder the new pickup wires on one-by-one. This way you won't forget where each wire goes. The only problem I see is that there will be four coated wires and then one ground wire. Gibson and DiMarzio use different wire colors to signify North Start, North Finish, South Start, and South Finish. You wont be able to just go in there and replace the white wire on the Gibson with the white wire on the DiMarzio, for example. Use this wiring diagram I included to help you figure out which wire goes where...