hi guys!

well, my question is about the combination of a multiFX processor (like vox tonelab ST) with a standard speaker system 2.1 for pc (in my case, Logitech x-230). I don't know if this combination will sound good or it's better to buy a Vox vt15 valvetronix series (with a 12ax7 in the preamp and a 8" speaker). I'd like to try both options but now is impossible and I need some advices,I hope you can help me.

I want to buy this Xmas one of these two options but I don't know what to do. Can yo help me? I think that having a subwoofer in my 2.1 (that gives a lot of bass), it will sound better than an 8" or 10" standard speaker, isn't it?

in the future I'd like to buy a pair of quality active monitors,but i don't have money yet so...what do you think will sound better?Vox Vt15 or Vox tonelab ST + 2.1 speaker system?

(excuse me about my low level of english,I'm spanish and sometimes I don't explain well)

thanks for all!
As long as the multifx has a cab simulation, you'll be fine!

(i'm using line6 guitar port with podfarm software and it works perfectly for practising and recording at home!)

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It should work fine. I have the Logitech X240 and when I run my Peavey Vypyr into my laptop and out to my sound system it sounds so much better.
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