Not one of my best songs. Any criticism or complement is appreciated thanks! C4C.

So you think my life is easy
And you think that I’ve got it made
But it’s really tough to be me
‘Cause my whole life I’ve been afraid

It isn’t easy being me
And you just gotta leave me there
It isn’t easy being me
And you never lend me a hand
If there’s someone else I could be
Or another life I could have
I would change my soul, change my face
‘Cause it isn’t easy being me

So you think my life is great
But if you knew all the things I’ve seen
You’d know why I’m so full of hate
And you make things harder for me

It isn’t easy being me
You tell me that my life is grand
It isn’t easy being me
But you don’t know how it feels
If there’s someone else I could be
I would change my soul, change my face
‘Cause it isn’t easy being me
Pretty short, and in parts it comes across as simplified. One of the things that always stands out about lyrics is the journey they take. (I've mentioned this before in many of my critiques.) In order to justify continuing the song, lyrically, you have to elevate the subject, or in some way advance. Be it thematically, or in the context of a story. Here, you seem to fall into that pattern. Both verses are nearly identical, and unless a song is particularly long, that comes across as repetitive.

So, basically, you have to ask yourself, what ideas related to the subject of your song do you have to flesh out the lyrics? If there's not enough material there to fill a few verses and a chorus or two, then usually the song won't succeed. I'm not saying that's the case here, you have to answer that for yourself, as the writer. Overall, this piece isn't bad, but it needs work, mainly to secure an identity.
When crying don't help
You can't compose yourself
It's best to compose a poem
An honest verse of longing
Or a simple song of hope...
It wasn't terrible, but I feel I've read this all before. And you pretty much said the same thing in every line: I have a hard life, its not easy to be me, you don't know what its like. That's about the only thing I got from the song. But why did you have a hard life, what happened? What things have you seen? It definitely has potential but you have to expound more on the subject and really make it your own, by putting the details of what is so hard about you're life. I would keeping working on, its got potential. Good Luck.

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very good, i kept thinking of the "c'est pas facille' though, definately different work though,. love it
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