Currently I am a 16 year old male and my voice is fairly low but not fully broken. I still have occasionally squeaks in speech and rarely get them when I'm singing too but thats not really the problem, it's that I can't really reach notes that fully grown men can. Is this because my voice isn't fully developed yet? I can sing songs that only really stay in one octave range, but ones that go up an octave for a chorus or something are murder.

I'd love to be able to sing songs comfortably that alternate octaves frequently because sticking to one octave all the way through when it should change makes the song boring, yes? Lol, take Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls for example, if you've heard that you will know that the chorus should really be sang up an octave, but John Rzeznik seems to be the only guy who can do it properly. Anyways, any feedback will be really helpful.
In truth, your voice doesn't start to settle until your mid 20s. So be very careful with anything you do at that age.
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When I was 16, I was screaming all the way to hell... it was so loud and crazy.. and stupid) Now I'm 21, and my voice is ok. And I'm singing very cool
so it's personal.
But back to your question. I think you just have to train your voice and you'll see how you'll be able to take higher\lower notes. If you talk freely, then, i quess, your voice is ok to be trained. but remember, if your throat hurts, stop singing.