Ive google searched the hell out of this and found absolutely nothing on it. What is the sound quality like on these cabinets? Id be running a mesa dual rectifier and a peavey 6505+ thtough it. I found the cab for $60 at a local shop used. Would they be decent for metal, if i was just using this cab to jam with friends?

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For 60 bucks I'd buy it just for the casing.
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^what he said, for 60 bucks you can never go wrong

plus, it's a marshall, chicks dig it

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Anyway, OP, you could do alot worse for $60.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Anyway, OP, you could do alot worse for $60.

I had the same thought. For the marshall comment, and the 'could do worse' comment.

Go for it.
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