OK so this post is not about what guitar to buy, I did tons of research made a list of stuff to try, went to GC tried almost everything on my list, and decided I wanted a seagull S6.

I had a budget of 400.00 + tax....I ended up with a used seagull s6 folk cutaway with electronic pickups...got it used and it even came with a tric case for 400.00 bucks....

So I am happy with my guitar, I bought a beginners instruction book, now I am not musically challanged as I am a former trumpet player and know a little music theory and how to read muisc....(I was shocked when i realized that a lot of guitar players didn't read music).

So I guess my question is how much should I practice? and what should I practice? is there any specific routine?

I need lessons and will be looking into that what is the average cost of lessons?

I follow the book and try to practice an hour a day....but I feel that my guitar education is lacking.

since I have determined that I do need lessons what can I do in the mean time?
I'd say save your money and teach yourself. I'm sure a lot of others on here will say lessons are a good idea but like you said you are not musically challenged. Use the book you bought and if you don't seem to pick it up then there are hundreds of guitar websites with free video lessons. The amount you should practice is really up to you. Nice guitar btw good luck to you and Merry Christmas
I do sure love me them Gibsons boy
I think you should not stress about getting somewhere with your guitar skills.
If you already know music theory then just play. Learn some songs you like and just enjoy the playing. If getting better motivates your guitar playing then you probably wont get far.

Just sit back and enjoy playing your guitar