Alright, I need some help again.

I'm currently using a laptop with an 82 gig HD, which I've used all but 2.6 gigs of, and I need memory. I have a 300 gig external hard drive, but I don't know what to transfer over to it that won't mess up my computer. Computer gurus, help me?
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Copy over all music, photos videos and any other important stuff to the external HDD ?
Well, you can transfer everything. Just don't delete the original.

If you want to make room then transfer your My Documents folder or where ever you store stuff. You are pretty safe unless you delete the Windows folder(which you can't do anyway)
If it's not associated with a program, and it's not a windows file, you should be ok.

Think of it this way : If you could delete the file without worrying about ****ing things up, then you can transfer it.
yea. u should always keep at least 10% of ur hd clear or else things could start getting screwy. as stated, copy anything where it doesnt matter where it is (videos, music, although u may have to reset any program with ur music library). programs and games should stay put unless installed on the external in the first place.
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