Hey guys, becuase I'm cool and awesome I've decided to write my own musical. I've chosen a story that everyone knows in myth and legend and hope that soon American Pie: the musical will be a big broadway hit!

The trouble is finding lyrics that fit characters. I feel like the lyrics I use at the moment have no definate character to them. Has anyone got any tips on this?

Also my lyrics are quite crass. e.g "He's got the brains, he's got the wealth, but he knows his d*cks not gonna f*uck itself" is this TOO much? I mean i'd like to think I could get this to the edinburgh fringe at least. The audience would be adults but is it too rude for the sake of being rude or funny? How do you gage this?
if you intend to write this for anything more than your own amusement you'll have to speak with whoever own the rights to the movies, unless it's a parody. as for the crassness question, if you think it might be too much, it probably is. obscenity is a slippery slope to immaturity, we can't all be david mamet (who i don't like anyway).
Well it is american pie lol so that seems about right.
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Just make sure that the crassness has the exact character of American Pie, rather than being generically crass. There's a little more going on in those films than "he knows his dick isn't going to **** itself" unless you're talking about stiffler.

A lot of the vulgar stuff in thtose movies is directly tied to either:
1. Awkward teenage sexual exploration
2. Teenage hyper-sexual bravado that's as much about pressure as it is about horniness.

Now you don't have to make a musical just like the films in spirit, but my point is that the crass humor of AP always keeps these kinds of things in mind and plays with them, it's never just gross to be gross and that's why I think these over the top comedies are actually better film than 90% of the stuff coming out of hollywood.... well the original films, not the offshoots.

So you better find that character quick or the lyrics are going to be completely ruined. Just think about the specific motivation behind each character--they are all trying to get laid, but they each have a different reason for it. that's part of what makes the movie and characters fun.