hi there, im looking to purchase a Guitar and ive seen a few on KantanaGuitars.com that i like, but im a very cautious person and ive heard alot about site's selling fake Guitars. Has anyone had any experience with Kantana Guitars.
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They're legit. In fact, the blurbs from their website gets cited by a bunch of peeps here.

they do? I've never seen anything but musician's friend. I can't help with OP's question, this just confused me.
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i dont see why they wouldnt be legit, they have high prices and arent trying to make you buy at a low price. they dont seem like a brand of guitars, more of a distriubter. but i would just call fender or ibanez or edwards and get the serial number from them and see if they are legit. good luck, merry christmas
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