My Seagull Maritime SWS just came in


Its a rosewood guitar with electronics (I've heard people say acoustics with electronics sound worse, but I thought it sounded great).
This is my first acoustic guitar, so do you guys have any tips on how I can keep it in good condition? I've heard of getting a humidifier.
GOD! I'm so jealous! hahaha

this is exactly what I want but I doubt i will be able to get it. My college financial aid will not come through, as a result I'm forced to sacrifice my Christmas present...which was going to be a Seagull maritime SWS...URHGH!!

as for maintenance, in my opinion it's all common sense. guitars are very heavy duty, and a lot of time people exaggerate the idea that they are delicate. just use common sense. don't have a guitar in room temperature and the next second it's bellow freezing point. other than that you should be fine.

congrats man!
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Thanks man Hope you can get it someday soon! I remember not even considering it because some guy told me it was mostly for folk music (which I never play), but I played it and loved it.

And yeah I was hoping most of it was common sense, sometimes when I lurk these forums I see some crazy things people do to protect their guitar
Very nice man! I've never played one with electronics, but had a go on a couple of bog standard seagulls. It's bizarre, they sound beautiful, but I can't stand the shape of the headstock! Puts me right off owning one...
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oh man, i have a seagull maritime also and i love it! excellent christmas gift!