I forgot to get booze in and everywhere is closed. I have hash and bacardi but need beer. Will asian supermarket/cornershops be open?
Go out and have a look.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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tesco 24hr? It might close at 9-10pm tonight

dont have a car. the local one here shut at 6 ;(
find an offy, if worse comes to worse there tends to be busses running to supermarkets.
Go out on the rob man, loads of people wont be home and people tend to have more stealables at this time of year
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try and get on a military post. they sell alcohol 24/7
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the corner shop near mine is open till 10 and they are all white

you should of remembered booze though you naughty person
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I forgot to get booze in

As an English person, this makes no sense to me at all, how do you "forget" alcohol?

Anyway, the best bet would just be to go out and look, there are always a few offys that are always open, for some reason. If you find one, remember it in case a silly situation like this ever arises again.
Had this exact same problem last Friday, couldn't find anything open and it wasn't even Christmas Eve, so good luck!
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of a bottle of martel.

wtf is that?

anyway my hash choc eclairs are kicking in so im phoning the chinese.
Asda and Tescos are 24 hours, not sure about the rest, SOME spars are open until 12 midnight.