like the exact tone from all of the david years, mainly i need an amp i was hoping maybe a 2 x 12 combo or a 4 x 10. i dunno i have the money i just need some suggestions
peavey 5150 you can pick up a 2nd hand combo for around $400, then your going to need a guitar similar to the frankienstrat, then a decent flanger (evh sig model)
The peavey 5150 (I or II) or 6505(+) rhythm channel can get a nice crunch similar to the dave years... but its more in how well you play the songs... And how well you can recreate eds technique. You gotta look at it like this... do you like ed's amp and guitar tone or do you like the way he plays and his fingers tones? Cause they are different things.

But I'd say get a MXR EVH PHase 90 before the flanger, As for gutiar wise you could probably get by with what you have as long as it has a humbucker, you can also find humbuckers from various websites/companys that are similar or are modeled after eddies pickups. Eddie even has fender make his own signature frankestien/strat pickup. Or for cheaper Axcessories.com has the Intruder TB-77 Trembucker and its modeled after the pickups in the wolfgangs and EBMM EVH's. They also sell a seymour duncan 78 custom shop pickup with EVH (Evenly Voiced Harmonics), which is supposed to be EVH's 1978 (the year the first van halen record came out) sounding pickup that was in his frankenstrat... i've never used it so I dont know if its close or not...
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Ed's tone during the DLR years was pretty much cranked Marshall super lead into greenback loaded cabs. The pickup was a PAF that Seymour Duncan rewound for him.

a 5150 isn't going to get that. Just my $0.02.
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