Soooo today's my birthday and my parents got me the cab and head I had been hoping for!

Peavey Tour 700

Peavey TVX410

And then the gang altogether!
your birthday is the day before christmas, cool, its like 2 days of gifts unless you dont celebrate the greatest holiday ever
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Happy Brithday! Hope you enjoy it, I've been GASing over the same combo for a while now.
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Very nice, but its so heavy doesnt that bother you. Its a good sounding rig though.
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Your so lucky! I want the Tour 450, with that 410 and a 115 cabinet.... Happy birthday man!
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Black people play bass.
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Nevermind, that's a stupid pun for Australian pyromaniacs.
Just forget I said anything.

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On playing bass.
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Flea: It's beautiful. I suggest you get it when you can!

fatgoogle: It's actually not as heavy as you'd think. I believe the cab's only 110 pounds; the head is surprisingly heavy though.