organ part in the beginning was really random lol, at first I thought it would end up in doom metal or something crazy, then the chromatic run made me think well either its gonna be goofy circus music or some crazy jordan rudess prog junks.

anyway, i was not expecting the 'repeat section' that came second at all, and it almost sounded kinda confusing, which isn't always good for the first 15 seconds of a piece.

That being said, I did really like the guitar parts following, there were some nice melodies and resolutions

when the electric guitar came in it sounded pretty bad IMO, didn't really fit with the song or anything. though things started sounding better once the orignial acoustic riff came back in.

3/10. i have no idea what this is, but it lacks structure and a defined rhythm or melody. I don't even know what you could do to improve the song...maybe pick a melody you like and try building a song off of it? but like you say, its pretty rediculous. good luck

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1243743
Kurzweil K2500xs
although to be fair, waffles make me feel pretty cool, and i guess music being written to describe feelings that you cant put words to results in music thats different from the norm
Kurzweil K2500xs
flounder is being a douche with his low score.

i actually kinda liked this. it had a bouncy feel with the 6/8. it was more like a diddy then a song, and by that i mean there's no verse, chorus, bridge, etc. i love how the organ ascended into the part where the tracks came in. i think you need to find a better way to fade the electric guitar into the song instead of just having it pop in, although now listening to it through rse, the tone blends in better. i guess just work on your transitions between the different moods of the song.

you are definitely thinking outside the box, and thats cool. i give this a 9/10