This is the first 2 and a half minutes or so of a new song im currently writing, keep in mind i've only been writing songs for a few months now and the drums might be very crappy in spots as well as the intro solo but i wasnt going for an absolute shred-fest like most do lol opinions would be appreciated and im willing to C4C
new song 1.gp5

everything up to measure 20 needs to be deleted. lol

I like the riff starting at 20, although the descending runs arent that great.

chord section was boring and slow.

the repeat section sounded kinda cool, though could have ended better

I didn't really get the ending of the song following that last bit, sounded kinda random.

Ok, there are some good ideas that can be harvested, like the 'main riff' and the 'repeat section'. everything else should be scrapped lol or majorly revised. I agree that the drums are very poor for the most part. Bass is decent....you should spend more time developing your ideas and where you want to take the song musically then give it another shot. With some more structure and melodies/chords/rhythms you could have a good song there, though right now it sounds like you just dumped lots of ideas down onto gp and pasted them all in a row. Hope this helps...good luck w/ the song

c4c would be great

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Hey man well you got some good riff ideas but you need some structure up in here!

You need to stop jotting down every riff you think of, take the good ones that you come up with and make a song out of them!

I really liked some of your ideas though, not a fan of the start but I'd say I liked over half the song.

C4C? It's in my sig VV
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The intro made me instantly think of One by Metallica. It sounds so similar. The "main" riff I found to be pretty interesting, however most of the rest dragged on with no real build up or interest. Some of it just seemed to be there for the sake of being there. I can sort of hear where you're going and there is some good sounding stuff, it just needs a bit more consideration.
I agree with Tomo009, the beggining really looks like "One". I really started enjoying the song from bar 38-forward, with the tapping and fast drums, good work. Solo was quite impressive, but I think you may have abused with the tapping, still it was really good. Looking forward for a complete song.

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