I want to get a 25.5 scale guitar, no trem, 24 frets etc. I don't mind either stock duncans or EMGs, I'll just swap them if I don't like 'em. The Jackson seems to be more expensive but is it a better guitar than the ESP/LTD??? I do also prefer bolt-on to set-neck. What do you guys think?
I'd suggest the ESP/LTD they are wonderful in my opinion

they necks aren't too flat, nor are they too fat.
They have a wondeful feeling on them, and the fretboard are a bit wider (i believe)

either way, pretty guitar, plays exceptionally well
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I like the Jackson Dinkys. The necks are great, light weight and there's a lot under the hood. Alder body, with veneer maple top on the transparent finish. One piece bolt-on maple neck. Come with a hard case.

The ESP/LTD 401NT has the EMG's... which some people like and some people don't. And its made of mahogany so it's going to have a "darker," tone. Obviously geared towards metal. 3 piece maple set neck.

To be honest, I'd choose the Jackson because I love the pickups, the neck is really fast and the quality is typically better.
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I have little experience with ESP, but the one's I've played were alright. I have a Jackson Dk2m and its probably the best guitar I've ever played because the neck is SMOOOOTH and it has good resonance. so I'd go for the Jackson. Either way I think you'd be good, its just the little things that are gonna make the difference.
Consistently in my experience, ESP/LTDs, even the cheapest ones, have been built fantastically. On the other hand the Jacksons I've tried have been pretty much the same as Fender (well, they are owned by 'em so it makes sense); mostly alright, but nothing that special and certainly a few dodgy ones here and there.

If you can go and try before you buy, I think both are viable choices and it will just be down to which you prefer on the day as you're trying them. If you can't try one of them though, or if you'll be buying online, I'd go with the LTD, no question about it.
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