I'll be recording later this week with my band, just some basic demo's so we can show a singer the kind of stuff we play. The catch is, we'll be doing it in my basement, with macbook mic and Garageband.. We've managed to get a decent sounding recording with that setup before, the link in my sig is proof of that. We just have a drum set, a guitar and a bass, straight into amps. The guitar is distorted, bass is clean.

How should I do this? What do you recommend for amp placement, in relation to drums? How far away should I place the mic? Any other advice? This is the first time we'll have recorded more than just a ten minute jam, we'll be working on this for a two or three full days, we want to have a few decent jams recorded when we come out of this. So is there any advice for those few days, whether it pertains to the actual recording, or to just how we live those few days? This isn't going to happen often, this is pretty big for all of us, so any advice you can give to make this turn out as good as possible would be appreciated. Thanks!
Whatever you did on the recording you have on your myspace, do that. I like it since it has that classic hendrix/zepplin rock feel to it.
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to tell the truth, that was us, in my driveway, with our amps turned cranked and the drummer playing really loud, and then i just sat the computer ten feet away and turned down the recording level.. and surprisingly it turned out pretty well.

and thanks, thats what we were going for with that