Poll: What you having for christmas dinner?
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Traditional dinner (roast meat , gravy etc..)
27 68%
Anything i can find...
8 20%
2 5%
3 8%
Voters: 40.
Tamales, trukey, tacos and menudo.
I don't want presents, I've been waiting all year just for the food.

To me. Try, you know you want to^

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If I was allowed to decide... Nothing but alcohol!
But because everyone in my family will be bitching about it all & complaining that I'm the black sheep of the family, probably a relatively traditional dinner
A Ethiopian family
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A Ethiopian family

You guys are light eaters, huh?
I think you'd need at least a dozen Ethiopian families just to feed one person.
beef, gammon and turkey.

and then guitar.

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Traditional dinner unfortunately. Usually we have chinese food on christmas day but this year i've got to put up with a roast dinner with a glorified boring massive chicken thing. It's not even as good as a usual roast dinner as usually I have lamb or pork.

God I'm dreading tommorow.
Roasted ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, candied carrots, and cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. yum
Penne a la Vodka with chicken. i love that
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