So I know how to read sheet music, due to experience on several other instruments, and I konw how to read music on guitar, from differn't books, and the school jazz band, but I'm fairly slow at first with it, and have a hard time recognizing chords quickly unless their name is shown. I would like to try and find some good sheet music instead of tabs to try and get me used to seeing differn't things. Is their anyone who posts sheet music for blues or jazz guitar?
You should be able to find sheet music books at music stores with whatever you want
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I was just wondering if there was an alternative to buying books.
Download tuxguitar (its a legal free download). Then you can open powertab or guitar pro tabs from this site. The tabs will be displayed with tabs, or standard notation or both. Use that.
I use these websites:
Some of them still have TAB underneath, but there are a few that are just notation.


Really, I think you just need practise. Eventually you may even be able to tall what kind of shape to use just with a glance of the notes. I do sometimes!
Let say you have a piece of music written out using symbols like clefs, staves, and notes. You’d think the written music was pretty much set in stone, in that the song itself has a permanent nature and the written music can either reflect it accurately or not. But that’s not so. How a piece is written out depends on typesetting and interaction design issues, as well as issues of genuine meaning like whether alterations to chords need to be written down. How you communicate it and your understanding of what it is will keep changing.
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