I'm not sure which to get. They're both in my price range and I will be playing classic rock such as KISS, Led Zeppelin, etc. I will also be playing some modern rock but nothing extremely heavy.

The Vox is a single tube 12AX7 modeling amp which looks very cool at $300 and I can also get a $50 rebate.

The Bugera is an all tube combo for $349 with reverb.

I will do moderate gigging in small to medium sized venuesz
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get the Vox...I have the same amp in 15w version...it's an amazing amp...very versatile and sounds great
Like David Gilmour?

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I hear that the V22 is based of the Vox AC15.
So you may need to put something in front of it to reach KISS style tones, but cranked you should get a great tone, especially for live playing.
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I hear that the V22 is based of the Vox AC15.
So you may need to put something in front of it to reach KISS style tones, but cranked you should get a great tone, especially for live playing.

So your answer is the Bugera??
Go with the Bugera. All tube, dual channel, and reverb. Maybe get a Tube Screamer and your good to go. I think it will sound miles better than the VOX.

If your gonna go with VOX, don't do the Valvetronix IMO.

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wrong thread, but i have the VT30 and i am in love with it. Gets everythin from grateful dead to Slayer. Good for all kinds of music.
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V22 for sure. Vavletronix are good for traveling and late night practice.
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I happen to have a Vox VT30.. You could get some good tones with the Vox if you are not going to play anything heavy.. but should you play anything heavy, only then would you need to play around a little bit with your settings just to make it clean enough for playing metal..
Well it depends man do you want the versatility of modeling amp like the Vox or do you want tube tone / tube breakup of a tube amp?

Honestly if you are going to use the amp more for gigging than practicing then get the Bugera because it'll be a hell of a lot louder.

If not then get the Vox, the valvetronix series is one of the better modeling amps out there, the cleans are very good, warm and sparkly. Also the overdrives are nice I like the Vox AC30 sound and the Marshall JCM800 on it and that should be enough for classic rock.

However the Vox is 30 watts solid state with a tube stuck in the preamp to warm the sound up a little so 30 watts solid state is not going to be as loud as 22 watts tube.
So the advantages of solid state being- light, good tone at low volumes, headphone jacks, no regular maintenance, fast warmup, and inexpensive. Disadvantages- If motherboard fries the whole amp is out and not cheap to repair, doesn't sound good cranked all the way, no tube breakup tone
The advantages of tube- classic tube breakup tone you cannot get with SS, LOUD, easily repaired, can change tubes for different tones. Disadvantages- heavy, loud, tubes cost some money not much but some, expensive to buy at first.
So you choose my friend.
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i have the vox ad30vt amp and i absolutely love it. very versitile, great tone, reasonable price, and there are quite a bit of effects on the amp if you don't have pedals (including reverb if you didn't know that). only thing is it is a tube hybrid so an all tube amp might be better. also, if you go with the vox, you might want to go with a 50vt cause i dunno if the 30vt will be loud enough. keep in mind it is a hybrid so it will be louder then a 30vt solid state but quieter than a 30vt tube.

i have no experience with the bugera.