its now 00:20, and officially 20 minutes into the long awaited christmas day.

merry christmas UK UGers!

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Easy on the 'new thread' button, bud.
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it wouldn't surprise me if UG goes down within the next couple months, along with other privately owned sites

December 14, 2017
leave ireland out of your title?
well thanks..


also, merry christmas

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LOLjk guise, im not real.

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I don't want to go into detail but it involves my girlfriend, a condom and 10 seconds.

If anyone sigs that I shall be most irritated
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Easy on the 'new thread' button, bud.

sorry i had little else to do tonight/this morning.

Epiphone Hummingbird
Epiphone Futura Custom Prophecy (Twin EMG)
Vox Valvetronix VT20+
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Oh great, another thread to help me realize it's still Christmas Eve.
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
Merry Christmas y'all!
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THANK you. I love you forever.

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Why are you researching for Christmas? It's only Ma- HOLY CRAP WHERE'S 2009 GONE!?!?!?

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You're right, that is weird. You win.
Merry Christmas from across the pond =] 5 hours and 22 minutes to go where I am!
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Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.....

And a happy new year.....
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I tremble before your enormous penis.
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and i farted, it was really stink
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Led Pepplin, you are god because of this thread.
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Merry Christmas from the other side of the world
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I think you need to stop caring what people think about it. I stayed home all day today and masturbated like 5 times. Fucking blast.

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If you're reading this thread, there's a 1 in 51,446,000 chance of you being Stephen Fry. Check, and if you are, please accept this lovestack.

Merry Christmas, you lucky ****ers. I've got another 5 hours to wait!
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I seem to like posting this for Christmas type things...

tis an awesome picture

EDIT: TBS has oficially started their christmas story marathon. Time to boycott them for 17 days.
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