i had trouble playing some easy guitar tabs, or trouble, at least playing them at least a mid tempo. then after some reading some theory books, i fiqured out that guitarest play in positions, that 1 finger covers each fret at a time, and though this made guitar playing alot more complicated, it could be easier

but after some practice I'm having trouble, what strings i should place all my fingers on, to play notes without noticing my other fingers going up or moving them

any advice to get my hand strong enough to master these positions?
You just put your hand wherever's most convenient for whatever it is you're playing, it's no more complicated than that.

Take Stairway to Heaven as an example.

The intro is just based round chords....


so that tells you the most sensible place to put your hand, start at the 5th fret holding down an Am barre chord, all those notes fit within a 4 fret span so with your index at the 5th fret you can hit every note without having to move your hand, until you reach the D/A and the C which you can just approach as open chords.

when the solo kicks off


there's nothing there below the 5th fret, and every note is within a 4 fret span so the most logical thing to do is base your index finger at the 5th fret, that allows you to reach all those notes with the minimium of fuss...it's just a case of looking at the song and spotting familiar patterns or simply chunks of notes that sit together, then planning your fingering accordingly.
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