Hey dudes and dudettes!

I just got the Boss CE-5 Chorus ensemble for christmas and I'm LOVIN THIS THING!! With my Bdi-21 (sansamp ripoff pedal) I have a very similar sound to Duff McKagan on Contraband with VR! It keeps a good low end, and you can add chorus to both high and low frequencies just as you please.

I was wondering if there's anyone else out there who's found a good use for this pedal in hard rock and metal genres, or maybe something entirely else? Settings, suggestions or comments, anything is welcome! I'm gonna toy around with this pedal all night, I'll make sure to post something as soon as I get some neat results(if there's any interest).

Merry christmas to all!!
tapping. listen to only ash remains bass solo (at east it sounds like hes using a chorus)
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He doesn't use a Chorus Pedal, I saw him play it live. It's au Natural!
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the only song off the top of my head that has heavy bass chorus is Stranglehold by Ted Nugent, the bass line pretty much has chorus throughout the whole song. Alot of the 90's grunge movement used alot of chorus. A chorus effect can always come in handy when you want to fatten up your sound, experiment and use it to see how you think it should be used, merry christmas
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Not in metal/hard rock, but lots of stuff by Peter Hook for Joy Division has lots of chorus. His use of the EHX small clone is pretty well known. The intro to the Twenty Four Hours is a good example.
Try adding other effects like distortion or overdrive over the chorus. I just got a danelectro fab chorus, and i've pretty much made up my mind that it will ALWAYS stay on when i play, then i'll add overdrive or fuzz afterwards, depending on the song. I love it =P
i use my chorus for when i am playing to Tool
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