The cord I have that runs from my 5150 pedal (the distortion/crunch/effects switcher thing) is defective.

Does anyone know of where I can get a cord like that?

It's like a long cord at the ends it has male prongs, ermm 7 prongs in a semi circle to be exact.
sounds like an XLR to me (might be wrong) but they should be quite common
It's not an XLR. Contact Peavey maybe they can send you one? Or maybe your Peavey dealer can order one for you?
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You might have to special order it through a peavey dealer (I think Long and McQuade is... I'm not sure as I havnt been to one in awhile), cause its not easy to get a 7 din pin cable, especially one thats like 20-30 feet.

Online may be the least trouble some way to get one. This one should work:

And to the others:

Its not XLR at all, as he said it has 7 pins on each side. Its basically like a midi cable with an extra 2 pins that transfer power for LEDs on the footswitch.
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