So I'm looking to buy a new amp pretty soon but unfortunately I'm having some trouble deciding...
My budget is around $500 but could go slightly higher if need be. I play a Parker p44pro with a Duncan jazz at the neck and JB at the bridge. As far as styles go I play anything ranging from jazz to classic rock to metal. A nice clean sound is a must but I want to be able and get a nice and heavy distorted tone as well. I'm not a fan of modeling amps and I do not want a spider III.
So far the amps I've looked into and played are the Vox vt50 and the Valveking 112.
I thought the sound of the vt50 was ok but again I don't really care for modeling amps and it seemed like it lacked some punch.
Right now I am leaning heavily toward the Valveking as I like that it is all-tube and I prefer the sound and simplicity. The main reason I haven't decided to buy it yet is because I keep hearing people say there are better amps for the money although they rarely offer alternatives.
Unfortunately there aren't places near me with a large variety of amps to try out back-to-back, so I don't have a lot to base my descision on. So if the Valveking sounds like a good choice, I will go with that but I was hoping to hear some other suggestions first.


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Bugera 6260 is about $500 6262 $550? 333XL $650ish
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