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Hey all,

I am curious what fretboard material people prefer in general and why. My preferred two are ebony and maple. Out of these what would be your prefrence and why? I am also curious to find out about other less conventional materials for the fretboard. Also, what material do you think has the best feel?

Thanks all and I look forward to your responses,

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I like the sound and look of ebony the most.

Ye I sort of sway that way too, I do really like the maple on my tele though. I have never really been a big fan of rosewood, sort of just seemed to be the cheaper ebony.
I love the ebony on my esp
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I like rosewood and maple.

Also on my vintage Yamaha, the whole neck is rosewood. The neck is glossed and the fret board isn't. But it feels great.
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I don't think I ever played an Ebony fretboard but it doesn't make much of a difference to me, Not since I started playing on heavier strings and started playing a Global guitar that has a painted/stained fretboard.
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My vote goes out to Ebony (Only ebony fretboard i got is on a fretless bass my dad gave me but it feels so damn smooth...) and Rosewood
Ebony and Maple for me. Really starting to get tired of crappy quality rosewood boards (not to say all RW is crap, just the stuff on my guitars).
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I prefer ebony fretboards. I've got guitars and basses with all three, and I prefer the ebony fretboards by far.
I like rosewood, never tried ebony. Maple is ok but i dont like the look of it tinted like it is alot of times
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I've got two guitars, both are Mahogany neck/rosewood fretboard. Not too familiar with maple, played on ebony before and it felt great, but don't currently have one. Debating trying something new on the next guitar.
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I like them all. Though I do find that I'll take longer deciding on a guitar with a rosewood fretboard as I always want the darkest cut I can find.
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I like rosewood best. It sounds much warmer than the other two. Maple is too bright for most of the stuff I play.
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it would better if you would let us choose more than one option.

I love rosewood fretboard feel. Ebony and maple for looks.

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Only got guitars with rosewood, which is pretty nice. Played a few with maple and they're ok too. Never with one with ebony.
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i voted for rosewood, but I enjoy maple just as much as rosewood.
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I don't think I ever played an Ebony board. However, It doesn't really matter to me now. Rosewood is nice but since I started playing a guitar with a stained fretboard (And I have no idea what the neck is made out of, It's a soft wood though - Yeah, it's cheap) It doesn't matter to me much now.
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It really depends on the guitar.

For example, If I want to get a Fender strat or Telecaster/Esquire, then maple looks best on those (In my opinion, some rosewood models look nice too).

If it's a super strat, like ibanez or something, rosewood and ebony seem to fit on those in terms of looks better than maple.

I'd still choose maple though. Feels smoother, looks nicer. Especially on sunburst strats .
I like rosewood. I've never played on an ebony fretboard.
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Ebony is very hard and dense, allowing for more sustain and better tone. Because the wood is so hard, it also helps keep the neck straight, cutting down on the need for frequent truss rod adjustments. Not to mention the fact that ebony is smooth and looks cool.
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Ebony is very hard and dense, allowing for more sustain and better tone. Because the wood is so hard, it also helps keep the neck straight, cutting down on the need for frequent truss rod adjustments. Not to mention the fact that ebony is smooth and looks cool.

Better tone is subjective, and Ebony more affected by weather changes than the other two. It requires other maintenance to keep it from cracking.
I can play find on any wood, so I'll play any.

But, maple just looks and feels [satin smooth or a little bit 'sticky', doesn't matter] wonderful.
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I have one of each. Depends on the guitar and the music which I prefer.
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all three of my guitars all have rosewood,

i like the grainy, natural feel ( probably imagined though )

though i have always loved the way ebony boards look.

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Since each is treated with a lacquer, I find it a little hard to believe that there would be any real sound differences. I have a lot of friends who play, most own Strats and between those whom have Rosewood and those who have Maple, the same player on different boards sounds pretty similar.
My guitar teacher says ebony is best for basses because it's a really hard wood that brings out the best sound in a bass.

He likes rosewood and maple on guitars, though. I don't know the difference except appearance. I like rosewood the most.
I could really care less what fret board is made of but I prefer unfinished necks.
Who the hell would think that Ebony looks good, or even sounds good?

It's BLACK. It might sound good, (i don't know), but it's ugly.

It would only look good on an all black guitar.
Why would anyone buy an all black guitar.

The only 2 good woods are maple, (ok, not maple, it feels weird.)
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