I'm looking for a lightweight guitar, and i've become fond of the SG shape... anyone know a quality guitar company that makes light SG shape guitars? Worst case scenario I'll get a faded, but I want a black SG in an affordable range ($600 max) preferrably without a pickguard, and i already know about LTD vipers but want to see what else is out there
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An Epiphone G400 in Ebony, and take the pickguard off?

Or maybe even an Epiphone Prophecy SG or G400 or whatever they're called. The black one has EMGs though, which I'm not sure if you like.
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i would recomend a Tokai SG they are great in both tone and quality
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Epi should have some nice black ones. I think the Prophecy series SGs are about $600 or so, and have some nice pickups in 'em too. ESP Vipers are pretty good guitars, some of em have EMGs stock.
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MIJ Epi and Burny SGs!

Bit OT here but... I normally dislike SGs but i'm SERIOUSLY digging that black one :p
Epi g400s are good for the price. Tony iommi is sick. 24 frets and Gibson iommi pick ups. The faded sgs aren't bad guitars. Could also always buy nitro black paint and paint your guitar.
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There's a slight chance you could find a used Gibson SG Special for as low as $600 on eBay or similar. I like ESP/LTD Vipers quite a bit, myself.
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MIJ Epi and Burny SGs!

that white one is sexy
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