Before i start, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I can get a squeal with pinch harmonics but it doesnt ring out much and arent too loud either. I use a gibson lp standard with standard pickps. Is it my pickups or my technique thats holding me back?

You should be able to pinch decently with those pickups. Make sure your gains right up and youre using the bridge pickup. Then just try doing it along the string till you find a sweet spot =)
It most likely is a technique issue imo... Try doing it in different spots on your string, and how much distortion do you use? Distortion sure helps alot into dragging those squeelies out

And do you add vibrato to them? It helps alot with making them sound more "massive" :p
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I think the technique is the most important because someoen who is good at harmonics can do them on a clean channel (although they sound different). What helped me, is to rely LESS on the "scooping" motion and more on the "downward" motion. What i did, was I practiced them by downpicking and then lightly brushing my thumb on the string as i went down. it worked extremely well for me. once you get that down and they sound decent, you can then start working on creating the "scooping" motion to really pinch the harmonic out.

the main thing is practice. harmonics were the one thing that i REALLY wanted to learn how to do because I love metal and zakk wylde. so i practiced A LOT and now i can do them fairly well.

but the technique i described was from my own personal growth, maybe it will work for you, maybe not

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