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The guy behind me at school owns some badass Bose earphone and a Walkman.
The audio quality is BOOOOOOOM, incredible.

How about you?
iPod, Walkman or which mp3-4 do you prefer?
I like the iPod Touch because it's much more than an mp3 player.
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most of the music i hear from ipods sounds like crap. the quality is usually reduced to make the file smaller n it ends up sounding shitty...so i say vinyl
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i dont know why ipod should have a better sound quality. if the file is the same and the bps reproduction is identical then there is no change in sound quality.
it will depend one 2 things then: the EQ and the headphones.

"other" is the best answer because neither sony or apple have the best sound reproduction models on the market.
Bose headphones sound nice but if you want pro quality check out sennheiser HD 448 (i bought them for about 110 usd)

edit: you can also get the 800 version of the sennheiser but it will cost 1400 usd more or less). Maybe a bit too much for you
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In most cases people only think Ipods sound like crap because the headphones that come with them aren't that great.
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My Zune's falling apart. It's a couple years old, and it's big and clunky and sometimes freezes.

I had my Sansa m240 for over 3 years, and it didn't crap out on me once. Only 40$ too, great value.

The day I accidentally left it at a Pizza Hut I felt a little part of myself die.
iPod. I'd rather have a Zune, but I'm far too immersed in the iPod universe. I have too much Apple crap now.
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Still using my generation 1 Ipod color. Thing ways like 6 pounds but sounds great and I am to poor to buy a new one. Might get a zune in a few months though....
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What Zune do you guys like?

I have the 1st gen, brickish, 30gb one. I would get a 4/8gb one with that squircle thing, but I currently lack the funds, and all Xmas/birthday cash is going towards a laptop/Sansamp/clothes first and foremost.
I started highschool listening to a Walkman and finished it with an Ipod Touch

It's crazy to think about what I'm going to be listening to when I finish university
iPod. I honestly can't hear much of a difference from other music players and it looks better and has more space than most other music players. Probably tied with Zune but has a better interface.
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Why do people say iPods have crappy sound quality? I don't get that. Of course, I can barely tell a difference between FLAC and 256 kbps MP3, so what do I know.