I play a Fender Deluxe, an amp made for cleans, and at the worst with a tiny bit of blues gain (even at 10, it's not very distorted compared to most amps). I knew this when I bought it, as that is mostly what I play. But I want like a Zeppelin style gain. So any recommendations? I looked up gain pedals, and I can only find a few gain boosters, any suggestions?
A clean boost should do the trick. Check out EHX ones. Or build one urself. There are some good BYOC kits that are very nice.
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I used to play through a Fender Twin and had the same problem...I bought a handful of pedals, but nothing really did the trick.

The best I could do was a TS-9 OD in front of a Big-Muff, but I eventually gave it to my dad and bought the Mesa...
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Maybe an over drive pedal is what you are looking for?
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get a british sounding OD pedal, i would think a marshally one would do best as you can use it for Zep as well as a plethora of other classic rock bands.
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