I'm using a ts9 right now with my Windsor. I like this pedal a lot. Not looking to stop using it but was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a good od pedal that has a bit more punch to it. Price doesn't really matter as long as it's not 200 dollars or more. Don't want something that'll affect the tone of my guitar or amp drastically.
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If you want to spend $150+ on an cleaner OD pedal to provide punch then I'll someone else rec' that.

Personally, I'd get something like a Digitech Bad Monkey for $50. I would think your amp would have punch already. Assuming you have a 100w head I'd look to your speakers before an OD tho
The Xotic BB Preamp, Lovepedal Purple Plexi and Zvex Box of Rock are 'punchy' pedals. They can get some very Marshall like tones and sound great as a boost or on a clean channel.

The Fulltone OCD can be pretty punchy with little dialing in.

A company from Canada called Fairfield Circuitry makes a pedal called the Barbershop overdrive. It has this nifty knob that lets you dial in a pseudo tube like 'sag' from the pedal. In conjunction with your Windsor (You best be turning that thing up, it sounds much much better loud) you can get very punchy guitar tones.
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