Hi all,

Lame to have my first post as a question I know but I'm struggling. Does anyone have any idea what this might amp/combo might be:


Right at the start of the video. Looks like it's built into a flight case or something?!

Any help is very much appreciated!
no idea man. But what are u looking for tone-wise? A lot of things can be used to achieve that tone in the video
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Pretty much that exact sound to be honest. I even went as far as buying the guy in its chosen amp and cab (laney lv300H) and still nothing like what I want.

That box though sounds exactly like what I'm after so was wondering what it was. Looks like it might be custom built but I'm not sure! Anything like it would be great though.
There is a crapload of equipment in that video, they could be using all of it...but I can guarantee that combo is not the only thing in the signal chain.
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