Hello, I have just ordered a Schecter C-1 Blood Moon with Duncan HB-102 pickups.

The question is, can I play some heavy metal riffs/rhythem with these pickups or will I need to change them?

I've yet to actually try the pickups but I heard the guitar can use them with alot of versatility.

I am also in need for a new amplifier to match my new guitar, any thoughts about a good amp for heavy metal (but has as much versatility as the guitar) but not a really pricey one? The budget I got for an amp is around 300-450$.

Thanks in advance.
Congrats on the new axe! i actualy ordered an Omen Extreme 6 FR. The guy told me that the pickups weren't that hot. If they are the same (Schecter Diamond Plus), you will prob need to change them.
I'm gonna change the brdige to a Dimarzio Evolution. The pickup-finder on Dimarzio.com is great, try it out
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Thanks for the really quick replys! MetalGuitarest, what passive pickups do you suggest for high gain heavy metal + medium gain rock solos?

And thank you whatadrag I will definitely check that amp out.