Drums are sweet, everything else seems pretty mediocre and typical.
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That was pretty friggin cool man. The drums especially.
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Forever love it loud, yeah!
I didn't really like the breakdown but it's sick production
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mah hardcore band
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eh, nothing new

Plus the constant squeals were just annoying as hell.

The bass drops were cool, I just wished you had only used it in the beginning.

Drums alright.

Overall I think it at best generic, at worst annoying in its attempt at dissonance and ZW type squeal-age.
The drums were by far the best part of this. I would recommend changing the timing somewhere if you feel it's repetitive. The squeals to me were a bit much. They weren't enough to make me turn it off or anything I'd just like to hear some variation. The production and drums were the highlight of this. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Anyways if you want you can check out my stuff in my profile.

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What Are The Drums On This?


that is the real drummer from my band :]
its triggered and sampled, we have all sorts of samples im not entirely sure where these are from
i enjoyed this a lot...your tone is very thick and heavy. i'm really impressed to hear that that's a legitimate human drummer. give him mad props for me :p

the pinch harmonic squeals and bass drops get a little excessive but with some half-decent vocals over it this would be really fun to listen to.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1252476 check dat shiz out if you get a chance.
Production quality is sweet. Loved the drums and the bass drops although the constant
pinch harmonics kind of annoyed me a little. Sounded a bit silly.
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