How do you tune it to them? The only ones I know are E Standard, Drop D, and Low C. But I'm sure there a bunch more. Anyone want to share.

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you do know that there are almost endless tuning possibilities right?

what are some of the most common ones though?
There's a huge variety actually.. check out this link. Yes, it's Wikipedia, but it's still accurate in this case.
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what are some of the most common ones though?

Here's the ones I mainly use, e standart, d standart and c standart, sometimes b standart, drop d, drop c, open d, I've tried some weird tunings too that I don't remember, check out Don Ross you'll see what I'm talking about lol
One of my favorites is Open D6/9. From Low to high: D, A, D, F#, B, E. I'm pretty much the only person I know of who uses it. Makes for some interesting chord patterns.
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what are some of the most common ones though?

Common for what? Country? Metal? Rock? Blues? It's probably safe to bet that E standard is just the most common however.
My arithmetic may be off, but since there are six strings on a typical guitar and there are 12 notes in standard music, that works out to 2,985,984 possible tuning combinations.

Good luck memorizing them. I don't think that all of them will sound very good, but to each his own, right?
as far as an alternative to E standard/ Eb standard/drop d and all that other crap......

Eb Bb Bb Bb Bb F

some really really cool sounds can come from it... but it takes some messing around with to learn how to play in that tuning but its so much fun and it sounds so chimy and awesome.... goo goo dolls style
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