When you have a show, do you use a stand for your bass amp, or do your just keep it on the ground?
I kept mine on the ground both my half stack and my combo amp stay on the ground.
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On playing bass.
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Generally, at venues, they have a store room where you can place your instruments.
All the bands I've seen just place their Guitars and whatnot in a case on the floor.
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I've played with guitarists who like to put their amps on a chair or stool to allow for better projection of sound. I don't think that bassists need quite that much of a boost; we aren't battling with other instruments in the same frequency range (unless you're playing with keys/organ?). Maybe I'm wrong.
if the stage is raised you don't need to raise it any higher because the sound is already hitting the audience in the head/chest.
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I've never put a bass amplifier on a stand, but then I've always used at least a 4x10 cabinet, so it does not lend itself to propping it up on a stand. I've used a stand only for a 2x12 guitar combo amplifier.
Sit on floor... I'm running a fullstack the 1X 15" cab bounces the sound off the floor anyway if I'm not mistaken and the 4X 10" hits most people in the chest. Even on a raised stage I can imagine this thing supplying one hell of a butt whoopin'. God I can't wait to get my band gigging specially with this rig. hahaha
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