Recently i have been finding that my EMGs are very bright sounding and maybe not best for what i play. They seem to cut through the mix almost too well? (i noticed this while in jazz band at school where my guitar didnt sound warm enough to blend in).. so im looking for new pickups to replace them.

- i play pretty much everything but metal (country riffs by CAKE, tragically hip, weezer, pearl jam, jazz, and other rock)
- the guitar is an ESP Eclipse II (mahogany back, maple top, rosewood fretboard)
- amp is an Orange Rocker 30
- price of the pickups can go up to about $300 CAD (for both) but suggest stuff that is more expensive if it is worth it in your opinion (price isnt a huge issue)

any help is appreciated as i have no idea where to start or what is good
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I'm able to pull a very nice blues and jazz tone from my EMG 81 81 set, just back off the volume, mix the pickups, and EQ properly. I also have found that using DR strings add alot of warmth to EMG's since their such bass heavy stings. And use the 9 volt mod with EMG's, it'll bring out more character in them, and you will have much better cleans.
Seymour duncan Jazz and Jb set... it's a good deal and great versatile tone!

Either that or look at Seymour Duncan 59 and Pearly Gates pickups

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