So I just "came up" with this new method to write lyrics, I don't care that much about rhymes and stuff you know, I just wanna say what I wanna say... Anyways, my idea was to choose a topic for the lyrics, or maybe a title for the song, let's say I wanted to write a political Megadeth kind of song (please the thread is about the method, not about themes, so if you don't like political lyrics then its ok but that's not what we're discussing) about lets say terrorism in my country (Peru) in the 80s.

My idea was that when my band and I choose the topic I could probably assign each of us to write some kind of fairly long essay (let's say 2-3 pages?) or short story personally, exposing their feelings or thoughts about the topic, then we could read all three of them (we're a power trio ) and get our ideas from there since I feel that that way we could get our thoughts on paper easily and kinda have a guideline for where the lyrics are going...

So anyways what are your thoughts on this method? Do you think its any good? Still haven't tried it, wanted to know what you guys thought... Would you use it? Or do you have any other tips or suggestions to make??

Thanks in advance...
If it works for you, then great. Sounds like the essay thing is a good way to force each member of your band to reflect carefully enough on a topic to get interesting, specific, and poinant details on it.

Ideally you'd each just hone your lyric writing to the point that you can have those details and insights just by mentioning a topic and letting each other reflect on it. Getting to that ideal, however, requires each member to get good at focusing their thoughts in that way, and the essays may be a good way to do that. If you can talk them into it, my bet is it'll work very well for a few months and after that you can trim essays down to brainstorm lists or whatever, and after a few months of that you can trim it down to simply giving each person time to think and then verbally discussing the topics.

More of a method for developing a skill than one for simply getting songs written (though it will certainly do that in the mean time) IMO. Nothing wrong with that at all.