I'm looking for a new guitar. So first of all, my budget is $450. Okay now, I play rock, metal, and ska/punk. I mostly play metal and ska. Yeah, I do 80's metal. So I'm looking for a nice thin, or at least a strat type neck. Floyd or hardtail, NO 6 SCREW TREM. I'll probably leave the floyd at 9's, but i'd go 11's for the hardtail. My amp is a fender princeton 65 solid state, made in 1997. My effects are: Real McCoy wah, Modtone distortion and phaser. I been playing for two and a half years as of yesterday. Main influences: The Expendables, Sublime, Nirvana, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Soldiers of Jah Army, and much more.
Ibanez RG, hardtail
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Ibanez RG321 and later a pickup swap?
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If you go used then MIJ Ibanez RG would be the best bet so stuff like RG550/560/570/770 would be awesome.