Hi all

I started playing guitar about 3 years ago, but never had lessons or followed any structured programme of learning to play guitar. As a result (as well as general laziness), I've not progressed very far... I want to change that, and do it right this time.

I can play a good few misc guitar riffs from a lot of songs I like, mostly power chord type of rubbish. I know the basic open chords and can remember a few barre chords, but really I'm pretty mediocre. I have a Fender Squier and an amp, but I will eventually get a better guitar (once I'm actually good enough to justify the purchase!).

I can put about 15-20 minutes into practising each day, fairly consistently (any more than that, and I get tired - poor health).

My initial goal is to be good enough to play in the church band (not exactly aiming very high there). After that I plan to work up to playing some music that I really enjoy, like: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver and some Queen(the guitar parts) , Muse and Hendrix.

Can you guys offer any advice, and/or good websites to systematically learn guitar? I saw the 'Justin Guitar' website, is that any good?

Thanks in advance
Play along with songs you know and try to play them perfectly to improve sloppiness. Record yourself to hear any mistakes and improve off that.

I dont see why not to start playing music you like now, it will motivate you to practice and learn. Nirvana is easy, start with that

edit: also focus on using good technique, it helps you improve much faster
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Get yourself a good teacher. If you're willing to put in a lot of effort, community colleges with music programs that have beginner's guitar instruction(It's hard to accept, but a lot of the stuff they teach in beginner's classes is glossed over by more than a few self-taught players I've played with) are a good start, though since the one-on-one feel allows things to be much more custom-tailored and personal, I'd find a good local teacher. I've been studying for a little over six years from a former LA Jazz session musician who moved to the east coast and has gone to local gigs instead, and I'm confident enough in my playing to record it for money. Find a good teacher and you can learn more in a month than you could in a year alone.

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