i know there is a similar thread to this, but slightly different.

i am looking to buy a new guitar which is $350 online, i'm not sure the exact price instore, but i assume its similar.

if i have cash what do you think the lowest i could bargain the price down to would be?
i'm pretty sure the workers get commission, so every sale is important.
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but since about the time where the economy started to suck, Guitar Center has stopped on bargaining. Everything is now a flat price. What you see on the sticker is what you pay.

I was told this by a few people and double-checked it with my friend who works there.

Sorry :-(
awhh bummer. well i guess i could try, but i wont get my hopes up..

thank you though i appreciate the response.
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Quote by drunknpunk204
Why cant Helen Keller drive?
cause shes a woman
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If you buy something nice you could probably convince them to throw in a cable or something but they won't budge on the price.

Yep. Cable, strings or picks. Something like that.
Its always worth trying to get a deal on a guitar. They may sell you the guitar out the front people have test played cheaper than out of the back. Just give it a go and see what happens and take a print out of the cheapest price you can find with you.
I should also point out that in 90% of stores where you get a discount for paying cash, cash basically means anything that isn't a cheque.
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You might be able to get them to knock off price of display models they’re having trouble moving off the floor. I had a manager offer to knock 5% off of any of their mini stacks completely out of the blue. Of course, I also live in Manhattan, so this might have something to do with their corporate office sending a shitload of loud amps to a neighborhood with no freestanding houses…
why when you could bargain with a UGer that works for a major chain?

which guitar?