I got a shirt for Christmas by a brand called Vanishing Elephant, and on the shirt are 4 pictures. One is Jimi Hendrix, one is David Bowie, but who are the other two? Everyone reckons the one on the top left is Christian Bale, and no one seems to know who the guy on the bottom left is. Can anyone figure it out? Pic below:

Also, the person who bought it for me doesn't know who they are.
Top right looks like Scoot Weiland, or however you spell it, to me.

No idea who the bottom right is.
It's awfully strange that they would have Hendrix and Bowie on the same shirt as these guys. Not that Eric Bana and Scott Weiland aren't great, I just don't feel as if they go along with the 60s/70s vibe that Hendrix and Bowie have/had.
Top right looks like Christian Bale to me...no idea about bottom right. Looks like some kind of metal artist though?
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Looks like jason newstead with hair borrowed from the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz.
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