I'm going to be using these headphones primarily for recording through my StealthPlug, for use with Amplitube Metal. I'd also like to be able to use these headphones for listening to music, either on my computer, or my iPod, WITHOUT an amp. I listen to metal, I play metal; that's about it. I'm considering the Grado SR-80i's. I really only want to spend $100, but if it's a little over that, I'd consider it. The other headphones I was considering was the Sennheiser HD-555, but I'd much rather go with the Grados (since I heard they were good for metal). I recently listened to Nile on my friends iPhone, using his Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5MS headphones (which are DJ/Monitoring headphones; also closed-air), and it sounded pretty amazing. I personally like the sound characteristics of closed-air 'phones, and I know the Grados are open-air, and I've never tried open-air headphones, so I'm not sure what to expect. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks guys.
Grados are legend, but the ones i have are audio techinca ath pro5v. Theyre just like the ath pro5msa. The only difference is that the pro5msa are in a camo finish, 100 bucks and imported from japan. Their are an industry standard an they sound awesome. The pro5vs are only 40 on turntablelab .com
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My friend has those audio-technicas with the camo finish. He's always being a douche and trying to outdo me, so I definitely don't want to get the same pair of headphones he has. And I'm not sure if Grados would be good for what I'm going to be using them for, I think I need a good pair of monitoring 'phones that sound good without an amp.
For $100 try and get a set of noise-blocking in-ear headphones from Shur. BestBuy does sales on these headphones all the time. The sound quality is excellent and they block external sound instead of canceling noise, which means no extra batteries and no noise cancellation altering your audio.