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Haha iv seen those cannabis things around. Socks, cd's, dvd's, poker set etc. pretty sick stuff

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Okay UG where's my refund and free xbox. I need It for my 80 yr old grandma. She needs a new flower pot
Soiled underwear.
Your light bulb knows everything you do in your room.
Technically I haven't had Christmas yet since it's 4am Christmas morning here, but I've already got my main present -

Epiphone Les Paul left handed.... she's my baby
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100 bucks and a new belt.

It was the wrong size belt
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
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100 bucks and a new belt.

It was the wrong size belt

Quite a fitting insult you must have coming.

...Sorry, that sounds terrible. I hate when things like that happen
When you saw me sleeping
thought I was dreaming
of you...

I didn't tell you
That the only dream
Is Valium for me
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xbox 360 (kinda, bought it with christmas money), a coat, and gettin a few more things later when my family wakes up


BTBAM are badass live, have fun

Thanks man, this will be my third time. I'm hoping thy deliver again.[/url}
I got 2 guitars, Ibanez AT100CL-SB and an Ibanez SR400PB bass !!!!!!!!!!!!!
No idea. There are some presents sitting in front of me, but I can't be arsed opening them.
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new wallet, second Guthrie Govan book, speed mechanics for lead guitar by Troy Stetina, some JD, some cash, some salon styling stuff from my half brother from some famous salon I've never heard of, Funny Games US and Grosse Pointe Blank on dvd, a Jake Thackery cd, Life on Mars (uk) series 1 and some chocs.
My Musical attempts

My youtube music channel

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Dammit, beaten to it, and by someone with the same name

CURSE YOU TOMMYT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hate tommyt and the high horse which he rides upon
I got a rock.

Oh wait, that's a Halloween joke. Nvm.

Seriously, I got some clothes that I desperately needed, and L4D2.
Christmas is tomorrow, but I'm hoping to get a bamboo Sector 9 longboard
Roland PM-10 drum amp from my parents. Pretty expensive, so partially paid for by me.

Futurama Complete Collection from my girlfriend.

Guitar picks, couple of books, iTunes voucher. Seeing more family tomorrow, so I'll get a couple more little things. Pretty good Christmas.




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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
Nuttin'. Not a thing. Nada. Nowt. Not even the threatened lump of coal.

But its alright. Really. I'm not sad.

My Ellis custom LP gets closer every day.
I pick up my guitar and play
Just like Yesterday

T C Ellis Series 2 LP w/Skatterbrane Quiescence pups
Cort EVL-K6
Yamaha RGX211 modded
H&S Electric 12-string
Shaftsbury Ricki 4001
'84 Fender Yale
Roland Cube 15x

Clothes, aftershave and wireless speakers!

We have family coming over later, so I should get some other stuff then.
<--- This is Wally. Not Waldo.

Gear List:
Ibanez RG570
Fender MIA Strat (in black, HSS)
Godawful Marshall MG practice amp

My Youtube
My godawful blog
I can see the box from here but can't open it yet. A Yamaha Pacifica 112v

Edit: IN ****ING SONIC BLUE!!!!
I got nothing.................................
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A shirt, beanie, cologne, wallet, some money, The New Guy dvd, Nirvana (Reading) cd...

It was ok... didn't really feel like Christmas this year but the family was together and i didn't have to work.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
I didnt get anything from my family, even got grounded by my folks on christmas eve, but my friends did get me a book of all Kahlil Gibran's writings, some twizzlers, and a t shirt.
uhhhh, yea
Money. Thats it.

Worst Christmas ever. I spent it by myself as my family went to their friends and I don't know them. (We emigrated here from the UK, so I have no other family here)

I slept for half of the day, and spent the other half on here
RIP Tom Searle.
anoter christmas thread. i got one o those indestructabe keyboards. im using it now. yaaay squishy keys.

Epiphone Hummingbird
Epiphone Futura Custom Prophecy (Twin EMG)
Vox Valvetronix VT20+
Vox Wah
Boss MD-2
Danelectro Cool Cat Drive
Boss EQ

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A new BJJ Gi.

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
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im probably gonna get dumped

aside from that.. pretty usual routine stuff.

Epiphone Hummingbird
Epiphone Futura Custom Prophecy (Twin EMG)
Vox Valvetronix VT20+
Vox Wah
Boss MD-2
Danelectro Cool Cat Drive
Boss EQ

slipknot shirt, marc ecko jacket, new basketball shoes, picks, rock encyclopedia, key to her heart, and tears on my should from my best friend of the other gender
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Christmas is tomorrow, but I'm hoping to get a bamboo Sector 9 longboard

longboards all the way!!!

I got a jersey from my favorite football (soccer club) and a membership to a gym that I've wanted since they're pretty expensive here. Cool stuff!
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
i got a michael jackson live in bukarest dvd. i was like WTF?...noooo that's ignorant
I got an electric razor...which was just a hint to shave more off my mum.
My friend got me the Rambo boxset and his girlfriend got me a Mr T tshirt.

Last year I got a £300 laptop, year before that a Carvin guitar.
Damn recession.
got a line 6 pod x3 live and then little things like waynes world 2, some strings, money, clothes vouchers, silly putty and a viz annual! (L)
I got quite a bit this year:

From My Parents: Metallica concert ticket, an awesome Ed Hardy T-shirt, 4 of these cool 2-CD Boxes (basically 2 Clapton CDs, 2 Hendrix CDs, 2 Rock Guitar CDs and 2 Blues CDs) and an 18 carat gold cross for my necklace.

From my Sister: Fifa 10

From My Girlfriend: A ticket to Rammstein and the new Biffy Clyro Album.

Very nice x-mas indeed, I'm really happy for all the stuff I got...