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I'm gonna be moving this coming March to a different state (Chicago) to get my music career going. I really want to find some people to start a band with who are musically like-minded.

Anyway, long story short....what are some things that I need to do BEFORE I move, in terms of my music.

When I get there, I want to be on an independent label and get distributed. That's my main goal.

So what are some things that you think I should do while I'm still here? You know, to prepare?
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my future step brother works as a studio musician in chicago as a drummer, if you meet some guy named freddie who fits discription good luck









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Become part of the local craigslist community there online, go to local shows, find a decent part time job with hours that fit a music schedule for practicing and gigging.
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Well first of all, Chicago isn't a state, it's a city.

You should try to get familiar with the music scene there. Look online for popular places there that have live music and see what kind of music they play.
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Cool, I was actually planning on moving out to Chicago once I'm done with highschool . The advice I got from my teachers was to hang around recording studios and give them your name, getting to know people is the best way to get your name out.