what i mean is can i just re-string it with that broken string or do i need to a new string to re-string it because i snapped my high e string
You can't join a broken guitar string back together (or if you did, it would sound horrible). If the strings are relatively new, just replace the one you snapped, but if they've been on it a while, might be best to put a whole new set on.
You cannot repair a broken guitar string and even if you could, it would not be worth the effort since strings aren't expensive.
It´s possible... but only under extremely specific circumstances. Buy some new strings.
I smell a troll...

On Topic: No, I highly doubt that you can repair it, just buy a new one, or a whole set.
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well if u got a floyd rose or other locking tremolo and it broke by the bridge you can just tune down until you have enough slack and relock it in the bridge
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nah don't listen to these jokers, just tie a knot in it.
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I smell a troll...

On Topic: No, I highly doubt that you can repair it, just buy a new one, or a whole set.

this. TS has been here for a year and doesn't atleast know this?
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nah don't listen to these jokers, just tie a knot in it.

+1 This will sort her out just fine mate. Don't let these string companies fool you into pay 10 bucks for a set of 6 strings every time you need one when they break. Just tie a knot and she'll be right mate.
You best be trolling'.
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Probably a troll. But if you're really desperate, and lucky enough...

If the string breaks at the tuner (which has happened to me ONE time since I started playing guitar two years ago), you can re-string it.

Other than that, get your soldering gun out.
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Other than that, get your soldering gun out.

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Just get some of this from an office supplies store:

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Some stuff most people don't need to learn. For me I restrung my guitar by throwing caution to the wind. After restringing my guitars a few times the tuner end still comes out really spirally and weird but it stays in tune just fine.
@TS if you don't want dumb responses don't ask dumb questions. best thing I can tell you is just buy a new set. If something breaks just accept it and buy a new one. Everything is replaceable, not everything is fixable.
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@TS if you don't want dumb responses don't ask dumb questions.

I think you'll find their are no such things as 'dumb questions' in life.
It depends. But iether way this only works if your string broke at the bridge but here ya go.
1. If its a Floyd Rose then you can just unwind some string and reinsert it into the locking block.
2. The other way for those of you with hard tail bridges or traditional trems you can wrap the string around the ball and twist it back up *I did this a few times with my old strat copy yamaha when my high e kept breaking*

But if the string broke anywhere else other than the bridge then no, you will have to buy a new high e or a new set of strings. Really its your choice.
Depends where the break is and what bridge ya got. String-thru and the string broke at the ball end, you're f*cked. Floyd and it broke at the bridge, unwind the string and clip off the broken end and slip the rest in, restring as so. Any bridge and broke at the tuners, ****ed. Floyds allow you to salvage broken strings as long as it broke at the bridge though. So long as you wound it with extra windings.
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first get a piece of line from some other thing. I used break line from an old ride on lawn mower. then use this link to see a list of knots used in fishing.


Scroll down to your choice of either the blood knot or the uni knot. as either one of them increase tension and tightens as the tension of the string is increased. (the knot gets stronger and tighter as the string gets tuned) here is an example of the line I used to fix mine.

Google Search

once you have this line. cut the ends off and pull it out of its plastic sheath, then unwind 3-5 wires (Or however many you need to unwind in order to fit it through your guitars tuning rod.)

string the guitar string at the bridge then carefully tie your knot. now string the guitar and slowly bring it up to tune. (once in tune bring it a half step up to ensure a tight knot before playing)

lastly. this is only temporary but if done correctly could (and has (for me) lasted easily over a year (the string was only a month old when it broke so a year's worth of playing was when I decided to replace it( it sounded dead after the first 6 months)))

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